Artist: Into The Woods (2022 Broadway Cast Recording)

Label: Craft Recordings

Stereo and Atmos Mastering Engineer: Oscar Zambrano
Stereo Atmos Mixing Engineer: Ian Kagey

Grammy Award: Best Musical Theater Album 2022

Artist: Esperanza Spalding

Label: Cocord Records

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Fernando Lodeiro

Mastering Engineer: Oscar Zambrano

Grammy Award: Best Vocal Jazz Album 2019

Grammy Nomination: Best Arrangements Instruments and Vocal 2019

Artist: Pedro Giraudo

Label: ZOHO

Recording, Mixing, and Production: Alex Venguer

Mastering Engineer: Oscar Zambrano

Latin Grammy Award: Best Tango Album 2018



Artist: Pablo Ziegler Trio

Label: ZOHO

Engineer: Oscar Zambrano

Grammy Award: Best Latin Jazz Album 2017